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 DeHart Driveway and Sidewalk Job

Hi Pat! Wow! What can I say about Pat? Since this was a driveway and Poll Lanai, we were out there quite a while! 
If the Boys would have had their way, we'd STILL be there! 

Yep, we got sort of attached to Pat and hated to leave.

Pat owned a Restaurant up north for years before retiring to Florida.
It's no wonder it was a success because she was just so accommodating to all of us while we were out there.
She said she wanted to Adopt the guys, and frankly, that would be just fine with them!

Before Pictures

During Pictures

After Pictures

OK, this is just the driveway and sidewalk! I'm still working on the Pool Lanai page. When I've got it uploaded, you can see it by CLICKING HERE!


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