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 Stratton Job

Hi Barney and Amy!
I must gravitate to golfers!
I get out to start the job, and Barney says I got "5" Minutes to TEE TIME!!
DeJaVu! I thought I was back at Jim and Lynn Boyles House for a minute!
This is another Driveway and Sidewalk for a beautiful home on a golf course for us. This one is in Seville, on the Dunes Golf Course. I think they are on number 7 as I recall. If you're ever out playing the Dunes, just look for the fantastic Flagstone walls, and structures that Barney built out there. You can see them easily from the course. Totally awesome work.
Not to even mention the tile floors he also did himself in the house!!!
Frankly, it makes a bit nervous because Barney knows his stuff!

When the guys arrived, it took me 30 minutes to get them out of Barney's garage!
Let me explain. You gotta understand how guys are with tools.
A nice tool is a bit like a pretty girl. You respect them, treat them special, they're fun to hold, and are just plain great to look at,....... and if you make a mistake, they also have the ability to HURT YOU!
Well, what can I say. Have you ever been to the tool department at Home Depot? If you have, then you know what Barney's 4 car Garage looks like!
Except Barney's garage is more organized than Home Depot's Tool Department!!!! 
Everything perfectly placed,... and in place! AHH! A real man's Garage!
Needless to say, the boys were drooling all over themselves, and had to check out all the cool stuff until I told them I was going to dock their pay if they didn't get out of there and get to work!! 

Barney and Amy are both retired educators. Amy mostly was a teacher over her career, and Barney pretty much covered the spectrum as I understand it. He was a teacher, coach, Principal, and even a superintendent!! We do seem to work for a lot of educators, and everyone of them have just been fabulous to work for. 
In my experience, most educators just have good hearts, and are genuinely fun people to be around. They work too cheap in my opinion, and give so much of themselves in an effort to help shape and mold our kids for the future. 
A big thanks to all of you guys and gals in the teaching profession!
Now for some pictures!!!

Before, During and After Pictures


How we got There Pictures

As you can see, Russ and John are hard at work! John's lounging in the Garage while Russ is napping on the driveway!
At least Russell had a good excuse! 
I'm sworn to secrecy on this,....but let me just ask. 
How are them new boxer shorts working out for you, Russ?

This Driveway has quite a few uneven spots, so the guys are sanding in quite a bit to get her leveled up for the pavers!

Below, Dennis and Wade are getting the soldiers cut in and thin set down for the sidewalk and entry foyer.

Did I mention this? 
Yep! We're doing another awesome P.H.D. Monogram on this job!|
Below is the prototype!

Day Three!
This is Amy and Barney's Guard Dog, Cassidy!
Every time I have seen this dog, Barney was carrying it like a baby!!!
Finally, I had to ask, Barney, does this dog know how to walk?
Amy said, "He might be a little spoiled"

Monogram Update! Prototype Below

Barney and I visited Mark and Heidi from JM Signs up in Homosassa to pick out his "S" and take a tour of their operation! These are the best quality, and BEST VALUE Sign Makers in the U.S.. 
Super great people to work with. They make all of the signs for Progressive Home Design. Yard signs, Trucks signs, Banners, you name it, these guys can make it happen! Great people. 
After a tour of the operation, we watched them make the BIG "S" for Barney's Driveway Monogram. Thanks Mark and Heidi!!
Check out their website at http://www.JMSigns.com

Now it's time to cut the bricks into the shape of that "S"!

Final on the Monogram! Totally awesome and classy!

Day 5

We were shooting to be done today, but John caught a Flu Bug, and was out two days this week. We tried, but I don't really like pushing the guys too hard because it's human nature to get a bit sloppy, and we won't do that. 
So we will finish on Monday instead! John was back today, {Friday}, and I worked the Monogram most of the day with Russ while everyone else was cutting in the sidewalk and Driveway. 
We cleaned up the jobsite a bit for the weekend, and Here's where we left off! Monday we will sand this monster, wash it all in, torch down some asphalt at the road and we should be all done.

This is another spectacular looking job and some SPECTACULAR, truly wonderful people to work for. 
P.H.D. is truly blessed! 
Thank You all so much!

Here's a shot of the sidewalk below!

After Pictures!

We finished up today, {Monday}, and man does it look great!!!
I can hardly wait to seal it so the colors pop, and the pavers have that glossy shine!
As is usually the case, we were sad to leave Barney, Amy and Cassidy.

The good news is, it looks like the Pool Deck and Lanai may be on the agenda later in the year, so we get to go back!
Barney and Cassidy were riding around in Barney's golf cart today doing a little yard work! Well, Barney was anyway. Cassidy just lounged in the Golf Cart and watched. 
I'm still not sure I remember seeing this dog actually walk!

Barney and Amy, it was a great time working for you and with you on this project! 
Thank You so much for the privilege! All of us here at P.H.D. appreciate it! 

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