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 Perella Job

Hi Edith! Hi Dave!!
Dave is Edith's son, and best friend I think!
Edith's house is Sugar Mill, and Dave has one in there too.
These guys are a hell of a Mother/Son team! 
Dave should have been a comic! Just about everything he says has a punch line!
He's pretty fun to be around. He keeps a smile on Edith's face. 
She's his biggest fan, and rightfully so because he takes really good care of Mom!It was a lot of fun to spend a few days with these guys!
This was a small job for us. We built a 45 foot x 10 foot patio with a small sidewalk. It was an area between the pool and a retaining wall. It got no light back there, so no grass would grow. It was just sort of an ugly area!
Not anymore. It's a very nice, useable space now that Edith is going decorate up with some big pots and plants!
Dave will no doubt hang out there drinking a beer! Well, when he isn't down at the Keys fishing in his new boat!!


Before Pictures

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After Picture

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