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 McWilliams- Driveway& Sidewalk Job

Hi Fern and Charlie!
Fern and Roma are sisters. Roma and Rod Jaeger live down the street a bit.
You may remember Rod from when we did his driveway a few months ago.

Fern and Roma are just sweet as can be.
How they hooked with the likes of Rod and Charlie is beyond me!
Just kidding guys! This driveway is finished, but we all decided that a "Dolphin Monogram" would look pretty cool in it, so we are having the template made for that and will going back to install it later.

Before, During and After Pictures


Went back and installed a Dolphin Monogram!
Check this out!

A huge thanks to Fern and Charlie for allowing P.H.D. to do your job.
We appreciate you guys and thank you for all your hospitality!
Fern, try to keep Charlie in line if can, and Charlie, best of luck with the Poker games against Rod! Clean him out good for us!

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