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 De Anthony Job

Hi John and Cheryl!
John owned a rather large Electric Company in Florida down south. He decided to sell it all off and retire up here in Crystal River on a canal just off of Fort Island Trail. 
Yep, you guessed it! John loves to play golf! He rides his golf cart down to the Plantation Course right there, and he likes to go down to the Dunes Golf course a couple of times a week too.

They had us do their driveway and the sidewalk, and boy did it turn out nice!
We used the pool coping, {as we've been doing lately}, on a couple steps that were in the sidewalk. check those out! They really make a nice finish on steps!

It was great working for these guys! John and Cheryl are just about as laid back and easy going as it gets! Thanks guys!
Let's get started with a few pictures!

Before Pictures


During Pictures

After Pictures!

Finally! I got these final pictures uploaded! 
Man does job look sharp with the pavers and the new landscaping!
As always, we just thoroughly enjoyed working with John and Cheryl!

Many thanks for trusting P.H.D. to work for you guys!
We truly appreciate it, and enjoyed being around such super nice folks for a few days! Well,....Cheryl anyway!

Just joking John! You're the best, and thanks a bunch for the referral work too. We will be doing John's neighbor in October!

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