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 Boyle Job - Driveway!
Good Morning Jim! 
7 am, and it's time to roll! OK, my bad on this one.
Here's what happened. I ordered the pavers a week early, then Flagstone informed they had NONE of the White, Peach, Pewter color in stock.
So I got a bit irritated, and they promised to run them last Friday. A week ago today actually. I guess they started last Friday, but Jim and Lynn have a huge driveway, so they were still making the pavers on Monday. 

I was OK with that because I filled in the time by building a patio for Heike Morelli over there in Citrus Hills a few houses up from Kenny and Vera Swade's house. 

Flagstone was supposed to deliver the order to Jim and Lynn's on Tuesday afternoon! OK, fine, we will start Wednesday morning then right? 
Nope, Flagstone then decided they needed to use the 18 Wheel Semi-Truck since there were so many pallets of bricks!
So they tell me I have two choices. Either deliver them Wednesday AFTERNOON around 3 or 4, or Wednesday MORNING at 7 AM SHARP,.....IE: At the house at 7 AM.
Naturally, I opted for the 7 AM time slot,.........
BUTTTTT, I forgot to tell Jim!
If you really want to mess with a Retired Shrink's Head, 
just show up on their doorstep, unannounced, at 7AM with a SEMI TRUCK load of brick Pavers!!
Jim was a good sport as always, and got all the vehicles out of the garage,... but more importantly, made sure his Golf Cart was in safe haven!
In Jim's rather low keyed tone, YET SARCASTIC, he say's to me," You know Dan, A call would have been nice".

I really am sorry Jim!
Hey! At least he didn't try to ANALYZE the situation.

He must have still been in Microsleep mode!

Meanwhile, that was couple of days ago, and the job is going good!
And as always, Jim spent the day golfing! 
The boys went to a course in Brooksville today, and played in the freezing cold!!! 
I think I should ANALYZE Jim this time around!!

Before Pictures

During Pictures

OK! It's Tuesday, and we have reached the "CUT IN" stage of the job already! 
Pretty good time for a bunch of OLD GUYS!
Since this driveway was so big, and one of my friends just got laid off From "Zachary's" after two years, {the power plant job}, he asked if we could use some extra help. That was great for me and of course I said sure!

As you all know, we don't hire in young SLUGS, or homeless people just finish jobs faster. We treat everyone as if it was our home we are working on.
 If I don't know a worker's capabilities PERSONALLY, I don't take them on! Simple as that!
Over the past 4 years, Wade helped me build my room addition, my 1000 square foot patio, and even a 24 foot shed. He's a solid, talented worker.
Below, John has started marking the driveway to cut in the edges!

In the picture below, we have two teams going. We decided to bring out both of our brick saws, so we have Russell and Wade marking the pavers, and John and Dennis cutting them!
NOTE: Jim played golf, of course!

We made some dust today cutting bricks!
Big Red Saw #1

Big Red Saw #2
This Driveway is a 180 foot horseshoe, so we tackled it from both sides with a saw on each end! It worked out great!

We also got started on the Monograms. There will be one at each entrance of the driveway! Super SHARP! 
I love Monograms as you all know by now! 
Here are a few progress pictures.

The "INITIAL/LETTER" always looks a little hodge pod, but keep scrolling down. 
They always turn out great after John cuts them in!

This is where we left off on the Monogram today. We should have both finished by tomorrow!

Below is where we wound up on the driveway itself today. We got the front entries both cut in, and the entire inside radius also cut in!
It was good day! I didn't get to see Jim for long,..... but when he was rolling out in the golf cart, I did ask him not to wager TOO heavy today, so as not to lose my driveway money on the golf course!

Here's where we stopped today.

Monogram Update!

We finished the Monogram on the left entry today, and got the driveway cut in all the way to front sidewalk so Jim and Lynn can use that side of the drive and the garage again.
Here's where we left off today, starting with the final on the Monogram!

We got a Thumbs Up from the Boss on the Monogram!

We got a smile and a thumbs up today. That's pretty good considering Jim told me it was bad day on the links! He was trying to blame it on the windy conditions. I was thinking what does the wind have to do with taking a divot with your DRIVER on your TEE SHOT!
Anyway! Glad we could give Jim something to smile about today!


After Pictures Coming soon!

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